Siri Saves: Man Uses App to Call for Help After Explosion

Chris Beaucher was unable to dial his phone after the explosion, so he used his voice instead

Chris Beaucher had a close call two weeks ago when he flipped a light switch in his New Hampshire home, causing his family cottage to explode.

Beaucher suffered second degree burns when the house in Wilmot blew up.

According to Beaucher, two men broke in to his house and stole the copper wiring form his basement. When they left, they didn't shut the valve off to the propane tank, causing the house to fill with gas. 

"Flipping the light switch is all it took, it must have been a spark," said Beaucher. 

Beaucher is a line chef at the New London Inn. His colleagues there have raised thousands of dollars for medical bills. After all this support, Beaucher says he wants to give back. 

"Well, I'm going to try to help other burn victims," said Beaucher. "Let them know they can heal."

Beaucher is also thanking Siri, the voice assistant on his iPhone. After escaping, his hands were so badly burned he couldn’t dial for help. So he spoke into his phone and asked Siri to call 911. Emergency crews arrived and took him to the hospital. 

"Voice recognition may have saved me," said Beaucher.

Beaucher was released Monday from Massachusetts General Hospital's burn center.

Click here to contribute to Beaucher's GoFundMe account.

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