Serious Snow to the North, Heavy Rain, Winds to the South

With our active weather pattern continuing, another storm comes as little surprise to New Englanders.

Of course, each storm is a bit different in what it offers, and this go-round with wet weather will deliver another 1-to-2-inches of rain for Southern New England. This time, a 12-to-18-inch snowstorm is possible for the mountains of the North!

Skiers and snowmobilers will delight in this heavy, pasty snow that will serve as an excellent base, while residents of Southern New England who prefer to "keep it in the mountains" will get your wishes filled, too.

After scattered showers during the day, expect steadier and heavier rain to expand from southwest to northeast from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., respectively. This will be slowing the commute for Connecticut and Western Massachusetts and delivering steadiest rain around or just after dinner in the east.

While big puddles, rising smaller rivers and minor floods are expected for many, an increasing east wind will gust to 50 mph on Cape Cod and the Islands late Monday evening and overnight. These gusts will produce some isolated power outages before shifting to blow from the southwest early Tuesday when the rainfall shuts down.

Busy Weather Pattern Continues With Several Chances for Snow

A high tide just after midday and midnight will result in some splashover and perhaps very minor coastal flooding in typically vulnerable spots, while most of the North Country will be in full snowstorm conditions Tuesday morning.

Though most dry out on Tuesday, the mountains continue to snow. The midweek and late week look drier, but continued cool with a glancing blow from a storm possible, though not likely on Friday night.

A storm will most likely develop Saturday night into Sunday and it will likely contain both rain and snow for New England. Our exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast shows the busy weather pattern continues, with another storm possible midweek next week.

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