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Woman Accused of Leading Police on Low-Speed Chase, Claiming Sovereign Nation Status

A woman who lead officers on a low-speed chase claimed "sovereign nation status" during her arrest, according to police in Massachusetts.

The suspect, identified as 35-year-old Jessica Davis of Bridgewater, allegedly started the pursuit in Abington after she hit a car after running through a red light and then drove away from the scene early Thursday morning.

After checking in on the other driver, who wasn't hurt, an officer who witnessed the crash followed her for three miles until she stopped in front of South Shore Hospital in Weymouth, according to authorities. She was between 30 to 40 mph during the chase, according to Abington Chief David Majenskin.

Police say Davis was not cooperative during her arrest and declared that she had "sovereign nation status," refusing to recognize the laws of Massachusetts.

"Apparently they felt the rules of law didn't apply to them," Majenskin said.

Davis was arraigned in Brockton District Court later in the day on multiple charges. She was held on $500 bail.

Defense attorney William Gillepsie could not answer why Davis claimed sovereign nation status but said there was a simple reason why she took off.

"Well she was nervous and scared she said when the first police officer approached her, he punched the window instead of saying, please roll your window down, license and registration,'" explained Gillepsie.

The person whose car Davis allegedly hit had a different version of what happened.

"She hit me and looked me dead straight in the eye and put her car in reverse and drove away," said Tony Gregor.

In August, the Investigators found that specific training is not required for police officers the way it is required for firearms or stun guns and that each department sets its own policy on pursuits. Training and technology can reduce police pursuits, but multiple police departments lack the funding.

As for Davis, she's due back in court in February.

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