Snow Underway, Rain in the Afternoon

Nature finds a way.

May be true in many respects, but so far this season, nature hasn’t found a way to bring us a blockbuster storm. This current event is no exception. While some of us come away with an inch or two, others may see a few inches, then a turn to rain. All told, a lightweight storm with relatively low travel impact on a holiday.

Snow continues at a steady pace throughout the morning, but will become spotty by lunchtime. At that point, we may see a transition to rain showers throughout much of Southeastern Massachusetts thanks to an onshore wind and temperatures rising into the mid/upper 30s. A general swath of 2-4 inches is likely, with some isolated totals near 5 inches in a swath of real estate from Brockton to Providence.

As colder air is drawn into the storm, any rain will switch back to snow Monday evening. But by that time, the storm will be moving away and there won’t be much snow to go around. It’s generally on the coast that the snow may persistent until the late evening (in patches). What’s more important is the fact the cold air will shuffle back in late at night, so it behooves you to clean up the slop/wet snow by evening before temperatures dive into the teens overnight.

Cold, dry Tuesday on tap before we start tracking another storm into New England for Wednesday. This may start as some wet snow and ice before the milder air moves in to finish it off with rain. Highs again make it back up into the 40s, but you may have to wait until Wednesday night for that to happen. It’s another backwards kind of forecast in that sense.

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All in all, a busy weather week is on tap with big swings in temperature and varying precipitation. I’d still argue that this is more typical of spring than winter, but with oodles of snow still on the ground in Northern New England, that might not pass the sniff test everywhere.

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