‘So Much Blood': Puppy Recovering After Being Impaled by Tree

In a split second, the daily walk in the woods for a Massachusetts couple and their two dogs turned into a frantic ordeal.

"We heard her yelp," said Barbara Field of Cohasset.

The couple then ran toward their 10-month-old puppy, Lexi.

"Just saw there was blood everywhere," said Field. "So [my husband] picked her up and we started running back toward the main street."

Barbara called 911 and ran a mile to the street to flag down police, while her husband, Dave Curry, stayed with Lexi, and took off his shirt to try to stop the blood.

"I got my hands clamped on her neck with the shirt and she was panting heavily," said Curry. "I saw so much blood."

Police would use a newly obtained utility vehicle to make it deep in the woods, where they would start first aid.

"I immediately saw the dog was in dire straits," said Cohasset Police detective Harrison Schmidt.

"It was pretty much load him up as quick as possible and get out of there," said animal control officer Brian Willard.

Rescuers took Lexi to a nearby animal clinic, where she was stabilized with several pints of blood, antibiotics and fluids, then rushed to an animal hospital for emergency surgery.

"We think what happened was Lexi jumped over a fallen tree and landed on a branch that was sticking up," said Field.

Lexi had a punctured neck.

"I'm just thinking, 'She's 10 months old and I adore her,'" said Field. "'I'm about to lose her.'"

But she survived surgery and is now in intensive care.

"We almost lost her," said Field. "We almost lost her."

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