Some Revere Residents Say USPS Isn't Delivering Mail for Days at a Time

People in Revere, Massachusetts, are finding themselves unable to rely on the U.S. Postal Service as they experience delays in mail delivery

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Have you noticed delays in the delivery of your mail lately? That's the case for some folks in Revere, Massachusetts, and it's coming at a cost.

"We literally have no idea why we're not getting our mail for like three days sometimes," said Revere resident Angela Norman.

She isn't getting the correspondence she's used to seeing.

"Just past couple of months that I've noticed it," she said.

Delays in mail delivery from the U.S. Postal Service is impacting her and others in Revere.

"Somebody has to get some kind of mail, even if it's advertisement, something has to be in the mail box -- there's been nothing," noted another Revere resident, who asked not to be identified.

"[It's] very frustrating," added Karen Macdonald.

Macdonald came to the post office on Broadway to claim her blood pressure medication, which she has mails because she can't always pick it up at her clinic due to her work hours.

"They missed me on Feb. 18," she said while holding a USPS pink slip. "I put this out like I'm supposed to, and that was it. It never came."

"We are aware of some recent pockets of delays in Revere and have shifted some personnel and resources from neighboring communities to address the problem in the short term," the U.S. Postal Service told NBC10 Boston in a statement. "Due to carriers who may be unfamiliar with the territory, customers may see deliveries being made earlier or later in the day."

Similar issues have been raised in other communities. Two residents in Boston's South End messaged NBC10 Boston about problems with USPS. One person said they get their mail late and in bulk; another noted how service has worsened since 2020.

"It's our mail, it’s our lives, so we should get it on time. There's really no reason," said the Revere resident who opted not to be named.

The USPS held a job fair at its Broadway branch to help remedy the problem, offering jobs with a starting salary of $22.18 an hour plus benefits.

If you are experiencing mail delays in your area, you can contact USPS Customer Service Center at 800-275-8777.

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