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Sox Pres. on Winning WS: ‘You’re Trying to Win That Now’

While Dombrowski has moved a bunch of prospects, a core of impressive young hitters remain in Boston

Red Sox President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski hears the critics questioning how he traded away Boston's future. He has an answer. 

"You're trying to win a world championship. You're trying to win that now." 

Dombrowski certainly put that philosophy into practice by trading top Red Sox prospect Yoan Moncada and several other minor leaguers to the White Sox for five-time All-Star Chris Sale. Boston, arguably, has the best starting staff in baseball. 

"There's a lot of buzz that takes place. Understandable because when you look at our club, now all of a sudden you're talking about a big three of Sale, [David] Price, and [Rick] Porcello. And really the fourth and fifth spots, people look past that, but two of those guys, battling for those positions were on the All-Star team in [Drew] Pomerantz and [Steve] Wright and Eduardo Rodriguez is one of the best young pitchers in baseball." 

During his tenure with the Red Sox, Dombrowski has acquired pitchers Sale, Price, Pomerantz, Craig Kimbrel, and Tyler Thornburg. 

"You start adding those type of names to your pitching staff and they're going to cost you a lot of talent." 

And while Dombrowski has moved a bunch of prospects, a core of impressive young hitters remain in Boston. 

"We've got young guys like [Jackie] Bradley in center, and [Mookie] Betts in right, and [Xander] Bogaerts at short, and [Rafael} Devers, a young third-baseman coming." 

Dombrowski hopes his current blend of young and established players will pay immediate dividends. 

"I love young players and always have, but you also have to balance young players with having to win championships."

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