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Splendid Weather for Outdoor Plans and Fall Festivals

With a large dome of high pressure continuing its hold on New England, dry weather continues to be the theme. One very noticeable change over the last 24 hours is the development of a southwest wind and the resultant bump up in temperatures, regionwide.

After slightly cooler than normal temperatures Tuesday, Wednesday’s highs are blasting well past the average of 61 and reaching 70 degrees in many communities. Our mild stretch will continue for several days, barely interrupted by a cold front that passes Thursday night and knocks a few degrees off the forecast temperatures for Friday, but still leaves us several degrees warmer than normal.

With the extended dry weather, abnormally dry conditions have taken hold of most of New England and when the new drought assessment is released Thursday, it’s possible some of New England will slide back into drought conditions. The dry weather combined with fall die-off of some brush and leaf-fall also will contribute to gradually rising brush fire classification through the weekend.

Aside from those two caveats, the weather will be splendid for outdoor plans and fall festivals all the way through the upcoming weekend, with temperatures near or over 70 each afternoon and no more raindrops than an infrequent afternoon sprinkle near the border with Canada. A larger storm will take shape in Southeast Canada early next week, increasing both our wind and our rain chances from Monday night through Wednesday, delivering a shot of noteworthy chill in its wake for the end of next week.

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