Sports, Concert Venues in Massachusetts Take Security Precautions After Attack

Under a clearing sky, Boston Red Sox fans gathered early for Wednesday night's game against the Texas Rangers.

As they did, Red Sox team officials continued to adapt and modify an ever-evolving security plan. Monday night's terrorist attack in Manchester, England, an important reminder of what's at stake.

"I can tell you we are doing everything in our power to keep Fenway Park safe, it is the number one priority," Red Sox Team President Sam Kennedy said. "Police Commissioner Evans and the local agencies have taken a lot of steps to secure the permitter of Fenway Park, we have taken a lot of steps on the inside of Fenway Park."

On Thursday night, the Boston Celtics were hosting the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals. The team was asking fans to arrive early, citing enhanced security measures.

"Tonight at Fenway, Thursday night when the Celtics come back, it is going to be a busy weekend but there is no threats, people should not be afraid to come into the city," Boston Police Commissioner Williams Evans said.

"We are continually trying to stay on top of the threats out there," he added.

One important test came Tuesday night. Mansfield Police were on patrol at a packed concert, some 24 hours after the Manchester attack.

"We simply acknowledge the realities of what is going in the world right now, understand it, and do our best to try and place as many preemptive aspects in advance of any of these incidents from occurring," Mansfield Police Chief Ronald Sellon said.

"It is about trusting in the process you have in place, it is about understanding every process is in a constant state of refinement," he added. "It is on us at this state to ensure that, and assure them that we are providing a safe environment for them to enjoy themselves so they are not constantly looking over their shoulder that they know we have their back."

Meanwhile at Fenway, the Sox continue to work to keep everyone safe.

"It has been working really well for the last many years but we have to be vigilant each and every game," Kennedy said.

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