Spotty Showers Start Off July 4 Weekend

We remain under the grip of a very slow-moving storm system in the upper atmosphere

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We remain under the grip of a very slow-moving storm system in the upper atmosphere. It will spawn a new area of rain through the course of the day, reviving showers where it’s been mostly quiet over the last 12-16 hours. When these finish later tonight, some spots will have collected at least another half-inch or water.

With the winds continuing from the northeast, the stage is set for another chilly day. If the high stays at or below 61 in Boston and/or Worcester, we’ll have a new record COLD high temperature for the day. Not that I’m rooting for it, but if we have to sit in these bleak clouds and showers, we might as well get something for it. Call it a “cool” consolation prize.

This isn’t the first time we’ve gone from the frying pan to the freezer in summer. Appears that back in 1995 we hit 100 around the 14th, then slumped back to the upper 60s four days later. Granted it’s “only” 33 degrees, it’s still substantial….and flat-out wrong for summer.

Tomorrow the forecast improves. Slightly. I’m trying not to over-promise the drying and splashes of sun. Sadly, whatever sun we do see may could set us up for more showers as the upper atmosphere remains unstable. I just don’t see any widespread rainfall, so there will be several dry hours – maybe nearly an entire day’s worth – for many towns and cities. Temps recover a bit too. Highs should level off in the mid-60s.

There’s more warmth in store for Monday too. With the breezes returning from the south, highs will bounce back into the mid and upper 70s under mostly sunny skies.

We’ll get hotter and more humid (wait, that sounds like summer) by Tuesday and Wednesday. By that time, Hurricane Elsa will be making its move toward Florida. While the intensity of the storm may fluctuate until landfall, it appears that after reaching land the remnants will head north up the Eastern Seaboard. This puts us in the path for rain (and perhaps some wind) late next week. We’ll keep an eye on it, but for now it appears this will have a minor impact in these parts.

Try to make the best of the holiday weekend, be safe, and Happy 4th!

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