Spring Has Finally Turned the Corner

Clear skies tonight and it will stay mild for most of New England. Low temperatures will stay in the mid-to-upper 50's. With a mild overnight, we will have a high jumping off point for Wednesday.

High temperatures will climb quickly into the 80's. Most areas will remain dry and sunny for the entire day on Wednesday. Humidity will start to increase during the day.

A cold front will drop into the region on Thursday. This is a classic "ring of fire" set up with showers and thunderstorms developing on the periphery of the ridge. Some of the storms may be strong to severe Thursday and again on Friday.

We have many of the key ingredients in place to trigger a few of these stronger thunderstorms: heat, humidity, shear and a trigger (the cold front).

Friday will also be very warm, especially in southern New England. Northern New England will be on the cool side of the cold front, so it's possible temperatures will only climb into the 60's on Friday (in northern Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine).

Once showers and thunderstorm clear out Friday night, the stage is set for a pretty nice weekend. We are expecting less humidity and sunny skies with temperatures ranging from the middle 60s to the lower 70s.

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The following week looks just as nice with abundant sunshine and relatively warm air in place.

Enjoy! It appears we have finally turned the corner.

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