St. Francis House Helps Feed Families In Need On Thanksgiving

There are nearly 50 volunteers who help serve food on Thanksgiving.

A hot turkey and all the fixings is what anyone wants on Thanksgiving Day, but for some who come to St Francis House, a day shelter for the homeless and anyone looking for a place to go in Boston, it means a whole lot more.

“It is so cold outside, for everyone just to be together," said guest Julianna D’Alessandro. "I know everyone’s in the same shoes here, so it’s like just even coming together for a warm meal is very important.”

"It is about family," said head chef Seth Green. "And so many of our guest don’t have family that we are it. So it’s a big deal, it’s a big deal."

Family is why the D’Amico sisters are here. They are some of nearly 50 volunteers who help serve food this day.

"We come every morning on Thanksgiving," said Vitianna D’Amico

"It was something we could do to give back especially for a thankful holiday," said Ciara D’Amico.

"It is the best feeling all together," said Serina D’Amico. "You feel good doing this."

The sisters will help serve lunch to more than 300 guests: 52 turkeys, 20 gallons of gravy, 100 pounds of stuffing and 168 pounds of potatoes -- all with COVID precautions in place.

“It just starts to feel like there’s some normality coming back into our lives," said Karen LaFrazia, President of the St. Francis House. "It’s been so stressful and I think that we’re just so grateful to have everybody back.”

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