Still No Bail for Man Found With 18 Guns, Drugs in His Home

A 51-year-old Hopedale, Massachusetts, man continues to be held without bail after police found a cache of weapons and ammunition in his home over the weekend.

Police were called to the Highland Street home Edward Fitzgerald III shares with his wife by concerned neighbors after they heard shots fired from inside the home Saturday afternoon and then saw a car speeding away.

In all, 18 rifles and revolvers were seized, along with thousands of live rounds of ammunition and several explosive devices that turned out to be inert.

"It's crazy that he had a whole arsenal," said Kevin Binney, Fitzgerald's neighbor.

"A little crazy, definitely a little crazy," said Bill Doyle, another neighbor. "I've only met the guy once and he seemed OK to me."

The first responding officers reported that they found Fitzgerald asleep in his bed, snoring loudly, with a revolver in his hand and several guns scattered around the house.

"All of that is weird," Doyle said. "I can’t wrap my head around that. How do you – hey I’m going to shoot this and then take a nap."

Investigators said several marijuana plants were seized from the home, and they said Fitzgerald admitted to not having a medical marijuana card or a valid firearms license, saying simply that he "likes guns."

Fitzgerald’s wife and mother supported him in court but had little to say outside court.

"No comment," his mother said.

When asked if they felt safe having Fitzgerald in their home, his mother replied, "Absolutely."

The prosecution cited a 1993 felony conviction for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and armed robbery as reason to hold Fitzgerald.

The judge at Fitzgerald’s dangerousness hearing on Thursday said he planned to make a decision on whether he will allow bail on Friday.

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