Store Clerk Fired After Being Robbed Repeatedly

A clerk at a convenience store in Lynn, Massachusetts, was fired after his boss says he was an easy target behind the counter.

Highland Variety on Adams Street has been robbed three times in the last three weeks. Police believe it is all the work of the same masked man who comes in with a knife and gets away with cash from the register.

In all of the robberies, the same clerk was behind the counter at the convenience store. The owner has since fired the clerk in light of the incidents.

"If he's there, the suspect will think he can take the money," owner Mohammad Ali said.

Ali said the firing was for the clerk's own safety, not because he did not fight back.

"I don't blame him," Ali said. "It's not easy. He's a family member, too."

The clerk who was fired is Ali's cousin, who he says has already found other work in Salem. He hopes police work quickly to find the person responsible.

Police believe the suspect may have also robbed another store owned by Ali on Union Street in Lynn within the same time period.

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