Necn Investigates: Limited Handicapped Parking

Finding parking in the city right now for most people is no easy task.

But for one necn viewer, Mary Alice Bradish of Lawrence, Massachusetts, finding a spot near the Boston University Medical Center and Boston Medical Center that is convenient is close to impossible.

Bradish is handicapped and she says due to a small number of parking spots and an abundance of snow filled spaces, it's a nightmare.


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She altered necn to her dilemma and we found she's not the only one with this problem.

One woman who declined to give her name says she has appointments on this block daily. Despite her handicap plaque, she has a hard time parking anywhere close to the building.

"It takes hours and hours to get a parking space around here," she said.

So just how many buried spots in this one city block are we talking about?

On a stretch of East Newton Street, necn counted about six handicap spaces and about a dozen buried metered spots. Taking a left onto Harrison Ave was no better. There were dozens of meters, but very few were usable due to the giant piles of snow.

The same stretch on neighboring East Concord Street also has spot after spot completely snow covered.

"It's really tough," said Kim Chiang. "We work here and a lot of patients are missing their appointments."

"It's been really, I think, a struggle for a lot of people who live and work here, and patients that come to the hospital and to the dental school," said Erica Manczuk.

While people understand this is an unprecedented winter, many would like to see some solution to their parking predicament.

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