Anti-Semitic Incidents Under Investigation at Schools in Stoughton, Massachusetts

Officials in Stoughton, Massachusetts, are investigating more incidents of anti-Semitism at two schools.

School administrators sent a letter to parents on Wednesday alerting them that a student stood up in class on Wednesday and made an offensive comment and a gesture in reference to Adolph Hitler.

The incident happened in a special education classroom.

Police were called and the students who heard the remark and witnessed the gesture were given counseling.

“School should be a place where everyone can feel safe,” said sophomore Jenny Guzman.

The incident is just the latest incident involving this type of behavior at the high school.

“It seems like they haven’t dealt with the problem,” said parent Zaida Harris.

In November, a swastika made of tape was found in a hallway. Days later, a swastika was used in a group chat among students.

The administration has come under fire for the November incidents for not notifying parents until late January.

Parents were told of Wednesday's incident immediately.

“I think it was one person trying to make a joke,” said Stoughton High junior, Phil Guseynov. “Ended up hurting a lot of students.”

Stoughton Public Schools also said Wednesday that a student at O'Donnell Middle School recently used anti-Semitic, hateful language, directed toward a classmate.

That student, according to the school district, received "swift and severe disciplinary consequences," and the incident will be used as a teachable moment for other students.

A letter to the school community was also issued in that incident.

“I think it's just kids being stupid,” said Stoughton High School senior Jack Connelly. “(It) needs to be put to rest as soon as possible.”

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