Stray Bullet From Drive-by Shooting Hits Tito Jackson's Roxbury Home

"We've gotta turn to each other and not on each other in these difficult times," the former Boston city councilor said

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A bullet from a drive-by shooting hit the home of former Boston City Councilor Tito Jackson in Roxbury Thursday night.

No one was hurt in the incident, but while he wasn’t home, his nephew was sitting on the front steps at the time.

“This could happen to you and a bullet doesn’t have a name,” Jackson said.

A car drove up the street firing bullets shortly 7 p.m. Thursday, according to Jackson. His adult nephew avoided the gunfire but a bullet went through the windows of a neighbor’s vehicle next door.

He also showed NBC10 Boston a bullet hole in the side of his home.

”It’s very personal anyway because it’s your neighborhood," Jackson said. "But it gets even more personal when you think about what what could’ve happened to a family member.”  

The 45-year-old, who survived COVID-19, has lived on Schuyler Street his whole life. It’s a quiet street with good neighbors and big, old homes.

And up until now, its been immune from the violence seen in so many other places.

Jackson is out of politics, but he hopes the shooting reminds everyone about the need to end violence.

“There’s a lot of trauma going around. And we absolutely have to work together to make sure that we do the right thing with one another and we've gotta turn to each other and not on each other in these difficult times,” he said.

Jackson added he appreciates the supports he received after the shooting from people like Mayor Marty Walsh and Rep. Ayanna Pressley. He knows not every victim of violence gets that kind of attention. 

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