Stubborn Showers Will Linger in New England

Several New England communities received one to three inches of rain in a very short time again yesterday. We also had tremendous lightning and a few powerful wind gusts.

This weather is due partially to a weak front over New England and, more so, a powerful upper-level low-pressure system in New York.

Each of these features shifted east overnight, with showers mostly ending. Wednesday morning we begin the day with patchy dense fog, temperatures in the 60s lower 70s, another sticky humid start.

The sky should feature more sun than clouds this afternoon, allowing temperatures to reach 90 degrees in spots. We still have enough energy to support scattered showers and thunderstorms. Few and further between, but where it does rain it can be a downpour.

The wind is tending to come more from the west and northwest, at light speeds, allowing the beaches to also warm to the 80s.

But just as quickly as one upper-level low-pressure system moves away from New England Wednesday, we see a new one coming across the Midwest, arriving later tomorrow into Friday.

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Thursday morning looks fairly bright, but clouds will increase with a good chance of showers and downpours, high temperature near 90 degrees.

Both an upper-level low, and a surface low will cross New England Friday into Saturday. With an attendant front resulting in heavy rain, perhaps more flooding both Friday afternoon and Saturday will be possible. Expect continued humidity with temperatures in the 80s.

Sunday should improve a bit, with the front moving offshore and increasing sunshine with slightly less humidity.

Perhaps we can even get a day without downpours Sunday. We may remain quiet into the beginning of next week.

But the big picture weather pattern remains rather similar into the foreseeable future.

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