Students Outraged at News of Mount Ida College Closing

Students at Mount Ida College in Newton expressed frustration Saturday about the news that their school will be closing for good after graduation. They just learned this yesterday -- and they say the blow is worsened by the fact that the deadline to transfer to other schools has already passed.

And today's closed-door meeting hosted for students by school president Barry Brown did not alleviate some students' frustrations.

"It was pointless. It was a waste of time," said one student afterwards. "Barry Brown had nothing to say to us. It was just noise. I don't think they have answers for us."

While students in good academic standing at Mount Ida can go to UMass Dartmouth, that school is about an hour's drive away and does not offer the same majors in certain cases.

Brown said that small colleges are under increasingly high financial pressure these days.

On Monday, UMass Dartmouth's chancellor will be on campus to meet with students and discuss what programs are available for them.

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