Students Return to Plymouth North High School After Teacher Makes Gun Remarks

Students will return to a Massachusetts high school on Monday after one of their teachers was placed on administrative leave over some controversial comments.

The teacher, who has not yet been identified, was removed from class on Friday at Plymouth North High School.

Superintendent Gary Maestas said the teacher allegedly made inappropriate remarks regarding a gun he owns. The remarks were brought to the attention of the administration by concerned students.

A statement on Plymouth Public Schools' Facebook page said that administration took immediate action and issued a shelter-in-place as a precaution. School officials said while the comment was alarming, there was no danger and the teacher did not have anything illegal.

"The school took immediate action to assess the level of threat and implemented safety precautions such as a shelter-in-place protocol and involvement of the Plymouth Police. The investigation has indicated that the comment, while alarming, was not indicative of a present danger to the school," read part of the statement.

The teacher has been placed on administrative lead while his employment status is under review.

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