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Students Sue BU Over Tuition Reimbursement

Lawsuit alleges that Boston University didn't properly reimburse students for the campus shutdown amid the coronavirus crisis

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A group of Boston University students who have been off-campus since early March due to the coronavirus have filed a lawsuit against the school alleging that they were not properly reimbursed for certain fees they already paid for the spring semester.

Julia Dutra, a film and television major from New Jersey, is named as the lead plaintiff in the class-action suit. Dutra and other students argue that they essentially lost two months of the “in person“ college experience.

The students say they agree with BU's decision to cease in-person operations and activities, but claim the school either refused or didn’t provide enough reimbursement once they moved off-campus and online.

BU has announced a pro-rated refund for some expenses. According to the Boston Business Journal, the university could lose $68 million in refunds. They were expected to receive $15 million from the federal government -- half is for student aid.

The students are seeking refunds plus damages.

The university hasn’t publicly commented on the issue and a spokesperson did not immediately return requests for comment.

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