Sudbury Couple Adopts 3 Young Brothers, Just in Time for Thanksgiving

The Currie family of Sudbury, Massachusetts are extra thankful this season following the adoption of three young brothers

A growing family is getting ready to spend their first Thanksgiving together after a Sudbury, Massachusetts couple adopted three young brothers on National Adoption Day.

Lena and KC Currie quickly grew from a happy couple into a family after adopting 4-year-old Joey in 2017. The boy was under the care of the Department of Children and Families and needed a permanent home.

"Why not open our home to a loving child who’s already here, already on this Earth and needs someone?" KC Currie said.

More than a year after Joey’s adoption, the couple learned Joey’s biological brothers, Logan and Noah, also needed homes. The Currie couple once again opened their hearts and decided to adopt the boys.

"That’s part of the reason we adopted three that had that shared story, so that they’re always going to have somebody," Lena Currie said.

Logan and Noah’s adoption became official in court on Friday.

Massachusetts has about 2,800 kids in foster care, according to the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange. More than 1,200 children are currently waiting to join a permanent family.

There are "twelve-hundred waiting for families right now," said Karen Ludington of Children’s Friend Inc. "That’s a lot of kids who go to bed at night not feeling loved and wanted."

This Thanksgiving, the Currie family now have each other and are extra grateful this holiday season.

"When you have that connection, when you’re holding your child and they're looking at you and you’re their person and you’re there for them, that connection is universal," KC Currie said.

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