Rachael Rollins

Suffolk County DA Releases List of 136 Officers with Questionable Credibility

More than 115 names have been added to the LEAD database in the past year alone

Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins on Friday released a list of 136 law enforcement officers whose prior conduct could impact their credibility as witnesses in court.

The database, called the Law Enforcement Automatic Discovery (LEAD), contains the names of officers whose actions were harmful, or potentially harmful, to the community and legal system, according to Rollins.

"In these uncertain times we as a nation find ourselves in, with so much tension between law enforcement and the communities we are sworn to protect, we must maintain credibility in everything we do," said Rollins in an official statement.

More than 115 names have been added to the LEAD database in the past year alone, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office. There are officers in the database from the Massachusetts State Police, Boston Police Department, Chelsea Police Department, Revere Police Department, IRS Police and MBTA Transit Police.

An individual can be added to the database for any of the following reasons, according to a statement released by the SCDAO on Friday:

  • an investigation or prosecution into criminal conduct in any
  • an investigation in any jurisdiction based on discriminatory or
    defamatory actions, language or conduct targeting any
    protected category or class (including but not limited to: race;
    color; religious creed; national origin; immigration status; sex;
    gender identity; sexual orientation; pregnancy; ancestry; or
    status as a veteran);
  • an investigation, including a law enforcement agency’s internal
    affairs or anti-corruption units/divisions in any jurisdiction
    casting doubt upon truthfulness or integrity; or
  • a finding in any jurisdiction by a judge, an administrative
    agency, review board, or any oversight entity created by the
    legislature, federal, state, county, local or municipal elected
    official(s), or the like, that the individual employed by a law enforcement agency is not credible.

Inclusion and removal from the database will be based on the statutory time guidelines regarding the admissibility of prior convictions set forth in state law, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office.


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" 'This is a living document,' " said District Attorney Rollins in her Friday statement. “ 'Names will be added to it, when, for example, we are made aware of an investigation or any of the other entry criteria, and names can come off if an investigation exonerates someone, or an appeal is sustained.' "

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