Summer-Like Sunshine Returns Despite a Few Isolated Showers

Although a day later than most New Englanders would have liked, summer-like sunshine has returned with temperatures soaring into the 80s.

A weak cold front will breed a few puffy clouds during the afternoon, and in Connecticut, Rhode Island and southeast Massachusetts, it’s not impossible that a few of these puffy clouds may grow heavy enough to deposit a few, isolated showers or a rumble of thunder. Any such action will remain few and far between.

For the most part, a slightly sticky air in southern New England will gradually be replaced this evening by drier air from the north, while sea breezes dance along the coastline during the afternoon. Overnight, patchy clouds and fog will develop but the air will slowly be drying out, giving way to a pleasant day of fair skies Wednesday, with most temperatures some ten to 15 degrees cooler than Tuesday.

To our southwest, Subtropical Depression Alberto is slowly nudging north through Alabama and by week’s end will be in Canada, passing to our west but dispersing at least some enhanced moisture east, meaning an increase in humidity Friday with a mounting chance of afternoon showers and thunder.

By Saturday, a new, weak storm center will develop south of New England, encouraging a cool northeast wind that will probably produce some continued showers, and even cooler air by Sunday, though it remains to be seen how much moisture would remain by that point.

Next week starts out cool in the exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast, then gradually moderates by midweek.

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