When and How Hurricane Michael Could Impact New England

As Hurricane Michael makes landfall Wednesday along the Florida panhandle, New England enjoys a return of summer weather. Sunshine and a southwest wind have combined to boost temperatures into the 80s for most of us.

Northern Maine is sharply colder Wednesday, and that cool air will seep southward across the State of Maine late Wednesday into the evening. It will eventually arrive as far south as eastern Massachusetts overnight.

Though the new, cool air doesn’t squarely move in for everyone in New England, Thursday will bring plenty of clouds with some showers in the morning. A steadier rain will be filling in from the north and west, bringing periods of rain for all by afternoon, meaning temperatures will be significantly cooler.

The rain Thursday and Thursday night – and wind gusts to 40 mph from the south along our South Coast – come courtesy of an approaching front tied to a storm in Canada. The frontal boundary will interact with at least some moisture streaming north of Hurricane Michael to enhance rainfall, particularly Thursday night in Southern New England.

Though the cold front tracks offshore by Friday morning, as Michael links up with it, some rain will continue on the Cape and Southeast Massachusetts. That area will have rain totals will reach a couple of inches, rather than amounts of generally under an inch elsewhere.

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By Friday afternoon, dry air takes over for all on an active wind, and after a fall feeling Saturday with a pop-up shower, more chill arrives for a frost as far south as interior Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut by Saturday night! Showers creep back into the forecast next week in the exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.

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