Summer Shack Tops the List of Best Clam Chowder in Boston

Yankee Magazine's Annie Copps makes her picks

With all the fabulous seafood restaurants in Boston, it's tough to pick the best spots for New England clam chowder, but Yankee Magazine's Annie Copps gave it a whirl following her appearance on the Today Show this week.

"That's an embarrassment of riches. It's almost impossible to choose five," Copps said. "There are literally thousands of places for great clam chowder in the Boston area.

Copps was asked to pick her top five places for clam chowder, and the acclaimed food writer and editor even managed to squeeze in an extra two.

Summer Shack with chef Jasper White was tops for Copps.

"You've got to start with Jasper White. He is the king of New England cookery. He is Neptune in a chef's coat," Copps said.

Here's the entire list.

Summer Shack

Saltie Girl

James Hook Lobster

B&G Oysters

Neptune Oyster 

Island Creek Oyster Bar 

Row 34

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