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Sunny, Breezy Start to New Year

Everything’s good in moderation... including temperatures. This holiday weekend a weather system will bounce out the cold and bring back the 40s.

As we wake to cold and sun, this swift-moving storm is spreading its clouds into New England throughout the day. Its attendant warm front will start a gradual rise in temperatures that culminates in a semi-comfortable New Year’s Eve.

Ironically, as we ring in the new year, temperatures will hold in the mid and upper 30s thanks to a southwest wind. But this wind will also have a cooling effect, so it’s a double edged sword in that sense.

Even though temperatures will be around 37 or 38 at the turn of midnight, dress like it’s 30 - thanks to the stiff breeze. This helping hand from the wind will ensure that the Sunday forecast is a winner. Highs soar to the upper 40s south and the 30s north.

We’re heading back down on Monday thanks to a bold, cold high pressure system, but the cool down is temporary: a warmer storm is coming Tuesday, and after a bit of Monday night mix, we’ll go to rain again. So many weather systems are coming our way, you’ll need a scorecard. Eventually, the cold will settle in toward the end of next week and settle the score.

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