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Sunny Day With Low Humidity

That confounding storm at sea has finally moved far enough away that we are now back into autopilot in the weather office. High-pressure over New England brings plenty of sunshine today, the sunburn factor is close to 10 out of 10, with temperatures close to 80 degrees away from the beach.

There's no strong pressure gradient so that means we have daytime heating enhanced ocean breezes continuing this afternoon. Mostly from the east and northeast gusting 15+ miles per hour at the beach, keeping it a little cooler at the shore.

Also, we have very dry air so anytime you go swimming in this kind of an air mass when you get out of the water is pretty cold because of evaporational cooling off of our skin.

With this nice low humidity, temperatures take a free fall at night with low temperatures in the 30s and 40s in the colder spots. So as soon as the sun goes down today, with a clear sky and light wind, the temperature will fall quickly into the 50s. A sweatshirt and jacket would be handy later tonight, and also for walks along the beach.

A weak front from southern Canada may bring a pop-up shower storm to Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine tomorrow. Otherwise, we are mostly sunny with a high temperature in the 80s. There are still weak seabreezes, but will be warming to the 70s at the beaches too.

Tuesday looks like a beauty, with temperatures again in the 80s and humidity remaining on the low side.

A return to more humid air mid-week as we become close to hot, that means temperatures near 90 degrees on Wednesday through the end of the week.

With increased humidity and a front nearby, the chance for thunderstorms goes way up late this week into next weekend. But we've actually encountered a bit of a dry spell the last 6 days, so the rain may be welcome by that time, we're kind of spoiled in the rainfall department the summer. But I guess that's a matter of perspective, I like nature watering the lawn and gardens, but am not happy on a cool damp day off from work.

Temperatures have run a little cooler than normal in July, and precipitation is well above normal. August starts off a little warmer and direr, but that trend may not last long.

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