Sunny, Warm Tuesday Ahead of Mid-Week Showers

A bit like an arid environment around New England lately, with low dew-points in the 30s and 40s, temperatures at night have been quite chilly each morning.

With a mostly clear sky last night, temperatures cooled to the 40s and 50s for most of us, even a few spots in the 30s again. We have a beautiful Tuesday with high-pressure center southeast of Nantucket, the flow will return with a breeze from the southwest, a warmer weather direction.

With humidity remaining low and plenty of sunshine, our temperature warms to near 80 degrees, cooler at the south-facing coastline.

A front that divides New England for most of the nation where it's warm and sticky is causing a lot of rain, including flooding in Pennsylvania the last few days.

That front comes into New England tomorrow with much higher humidity and showers with a thunderstorm, a few locations may pick up a third or a half inch of rain in a pretty short time.

It is not a widespread rainmaker, some of us may see nothing at all, high temperatures close to 80 degrees with the dewpoint warming to the 60s.

But a rainy Wednesday is often good for the weekend, nice air from Canada is going to come back in with increasing sunshine Thursday, and then Friday through Sunday look beautiful with temperatures climbing back to the 80s for the weekend.

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