Sunshine Ahead of Another Round of Rain

Expect sunny skies and temperatures in the middle 60s

Hopefully you took Monday off, because we will see more beautiful Spring weather. Expect sunny skies and temperatures in the middle 60s. There could be some high, thin clouds, which move in late in the day with our approaching storm system.

This next round of rain looks rather heavy and it will come in two waves. The first round will arrive on Tuesday. With a wind off the water, expect a raw, damp day. Remember the weather we saw on Friday and Saturday? That’s what you can expect for Tuesday. Temperatures will only reach the 40s. This first wave of rain will bring about 0.25 – 0.3”.

Tuesday night and Wednesday, a warm front will lift in from the ocean. Temperatures will recover into the 60s and the rain will be locally heavy. Anytime if you have a warm front lift in this time of year, some thunder is possible. Expect an addition 1-2” of rain throughout the day on Wednesday.

There is one additional factor to watch – astronomically high tides and a persistent easterly fetch. Slashover or minor flood will be possible at times of high tide through midweek. If you live along the coast, keep an eye on it.

After the storm finally exits, much nicer weather will return. Temperatures will climb back into the 70s and 80s and the sunshine will return. A pop shower or thunderstorm is possible Friday with an atypical early summer patter in place. The weekend will be cooler near the coast and warmer inland.

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