Sunshine Limited as Showers Move Toward New England

Father’s Day weekend in New England on the whole will deliver great weather, but there will be some moments that serve as exceptions to the rule. That exception may include a couple of periods of rain on Father’s Day Sunday, itself.

Starting with the here and now, Friday has delivered the return of sunshine. Although the upper-level atmospheric energy that drove Thursday’s rain and wind is moving overhead, it is carrying a pool of cold air aloft with it.

This is encouraging the development of puffy, cumulus clouds that will yield a few northern New England showers from late morning onward with a rumble of thunder possible in the afternoon. A few southern New England showers will be possible between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Skies clear for many overnight, though variable clouds return late to northern New England. Saturday brings a blend of sun and clouds with the most clouds north and a busy southwest wind. In fact, the combined effect of southwesterly wind gusts to 35 mph with some sun and a mild air will boost Saturday high temperatures to around 80 degrees with a really dry, comfortable air.

The busy wind will create a decent amount of chop on both ocean and lake waters, making for a bumpy ride for pleasure craft boaters. However, the dry air keeps any showers away, save for a possible evening shower at the Canadian border ahead of a slowly approaching cold front.

The same slow cold front sags southward into New England on Sunday, raising the chance of showers and thunder. While timing those showers is a bit of a challenge at this point, owing to uncertain timing of upper-level disturbances interacting with the front, we believe the most likely times for showers include a round of showers when we wake up Sunday morning. Some scattered showers and thunder may then happen Sunday afternoon.

While these showers likely will not make for a washout at all, and many of us will remember the day with decent weather, Saturday is the better bet if you have flexible weekend plans.

The elevated chance of showers continues through much of next week in our exclusive First Alert 10-day Forecast.

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