Sunshine Threatened by Upcoming Showers in New England

Often times, a beautiful Wednesday means things are going to change for the weekend.

And though that rule may apply this week, it’s for the wrong reasons. Usually, the weather changes every two to three days. But this week, we had rain Tuesday and we are getting rain Thursday. We may also get some rain this weekend. So let’s enjoy Wednesday.

High pressure brings us mostly sunny skies and seasonable temperatures in the mid-and-upper 70s. Wind is light and locally onshore.

The front that cleared us Tuesday with more than 3 inches of rain in Rhode Island moved out into the ocean. The southern end of that front stalled in Georgia, where flash flooding happened. A wave of low pressure is developing on that front and coming back northward at New England.

Also, there’s a different front coming through the Midwest aimed at New England, too. So we get a 1-2 punch Thursday. Low pressure will come right up to Cape Cod and the islands by midday with heavy rain developing quickly in the morning and continuing into the early afternoon.

Parts of southern and eastern New England may get 1-2 inches of rain or more Thursday.

The strong high-pressure system out to sea creates a pressure gradient with wind coming in from the east and northeast gusting past 35 mph at the coast as the rain moves through. The temperature may be stuck in the 50s.

It’s a sharp warm front, and late in the day, the temperature may jump into the 70s as the wind comes around from the south and very humid air works in. Then comes part two, low pressure from the west and a cold front brings showers to western New England Thursday night and all of New England Friday.

A very cool pool of air up in the sky will create heavy instability showers that may include some hail due to a very low freezing level for this time of year. It’s the kind of day where it’s not raining most of the time, but you may get downpours. We’re now talking Friday with a high temperature near 70 degrees and a chance of an evening rainbow, too.

Additional low pressure moves in from Canada this weekend.

A few showers or thunderstorms possible in northern and western New England as we warm up on Saturday, high temperatures in the 70s. Even warmer for Father’s Day Sunday since it will probably be 80 degrees or better, but a front will generate showers and thunderstorms, especially inland.

It’s a very active pattern as we head for the summer solstice. Stay tuned to our First Alert 10-Day Forecast for the latest.

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