Sunshine for Today, Wet Start to Our Weekend

It's another cold start, but we are expecting more in the way of sunshine and warmer weather Thursday.

As day two of a spring blizzard pounds the great plain states, we have a gentle flow from Canada that is about to turn around. For the first time in a few days, there are no road crews out treating snowy or icy roads. But we do need a winter jacket and gloves early this morning since temperatures are starting off in the 10s and 20s north, 20s and 30s south.

High pressure is settling over New England Thursday, which means much less in the way of wind. We should also have more sunshine; we kind of underperformed in that department Wednesday. Temperatures Thursday in the 40s north and at the beach, to 50s inland south.

That midwest storm does play a role in our weather, it will push in some high clouds Thursday night and Friday.

Temperatures should hold at or above freezing Thursday night. On Friday, we begin to see a flow from the south, maybe even southwest, allowing temperatures near 60 degrees in parts of New England.

A warm front on the east side of that storm to the west will cross New England Friday night with the period of rain. Temperatures holding in the 30s and 40s for lows.

Most of us get on the warmer side of the front Saturday, but it will be slow to clear it as a decaying cold front settles into central New England, with rain showers slowly ending along the south coast and many clouds hanging tough in the mountains. But for a couple of hours, where the sun comes out, a few spots will pass 70 degrees with more of a wind from the west.

Yet another storm is brewing in the northern Gulf of Mexico, and that storm is going to race across the southeastern United States, toward us Sunday.

It now looks like rain will develop in southern and western New England during the afternoon. That may hold temperatures in the 50s, to low 60s.

Low pressure is destined for New England on Marathon Monday, heavy rain and a chance with thunderstorms. Temperatures will be in the 50s south, and 40s north. Not quite as cold or wet as last years race, but certainly the weather isn't very fun for spectators or runners.

We will also have to monitor the temperature and amount of rain in northern New England where there is still a very deep snowpack in the mountains, and we may end up with flooding rivers early next week.

Stay ahead of it all, with our First Alert 10-Day Forecast.

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