Suspect in Kiss 108 Standoff Had Car Full of Weapons, Beer

The suspect in Monday's standoff with police outside the Kiss 108 radio station building in Medford, Massachusetts, had a car full of weapons and beer, according to a police report.

A Medford police incident report said 38-year-old Richard Newton had six weapons - an ax, two combat-type knives and three folding knives, in addition to a shovel, vaping oil, a THC container and opened an unopened containers of Coors beer in his car when he was taken into custody outside the radio station offices.

Newton was taken into custody around 4:30 p.m. Monday following a 3-hour standoff with police. He was taken away on a stretcher and no information has been released on when he might appear in court or what charges he might face.

A witness told NBC Boston the man came to the area before 1:30 p.m. and asked where the iHeart radio section of the building was. He went into the building and approached a secretary. He requested that they play the song "My Axe" by Insane Clown Posse and displayed a large axe.

The man then returned to his vehicle, by which time police arrived. He allegedly rammed a police vehicle and then threw the axe out of the vehicle. The weapon did not hit anyone.

According to the police report, Newton was driving around the parking lot, refusing to stop "while wielding an axe in one hand flailing it within the motor vehicle and holding a large edged weapon knife in between his teeth." He was reportedly making suicidal statements and gestures with "several edged weapons."

At one point he stepped out of the vehicle and stood within the open driver's door. Police then attempted unsuccessfully to subdue him with non-lethal projectiles and a Taser. He eventually exited the vehicle and was taken into custody. He had sustained a self-inflicted, non-life threatening cutting wounds and was taken to an area medical facility.

Police said Newton threw several items from the vehicle during negotiations, including numerous cards, a wallet, the axe and a knife, a cell phone, a shovel, and a THC container.

No civilians or police officers were injured during the incident. Three Medford police cruisers were damaged as Newton attempted to flee the scene.

The incident remains under investigation.

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