Suspect in Police Standoff on Pizza Shop Roof Ordered Held Without Bail

The man who police arrested after he allegedly shot at police on the roof of a Framingham, Massachusetts, pizza shop was ordered held without bail at his arraignment on Friday.

Justin Breakspear, 31, of Framingham, was taken into police custody Thursday evening after barricading himself on the roof of the Slice of New York pizza shop on Edgell Road.

Framingham police say he fired a long gun at officers. No officers were injured.

"We were in here working, me and my bother, and we heard a shot, we thought it was firecrackers," said Sunny Johar, who works next door to the pizza place, said Friday.

Police were joined by a SWAT team to negotiate with Breakspear during the standoff. At one point, troopers used a long-rage accoustical device on a Bearcat vehicle to command the suspect to come down. He eventually surrendered

The standoff occurred after Breakspear fled from police after they responded to a domestic call on Whiting Road.

Breakspear is facing charges including six counts of armed assault with intent to murder and six counts of attempt to commit murder, among others.

A judge ordered Breakspear to undergo a mental health evaluation.

In court on Friday afternoon, prosecutors alleged Justin Breakspear told his girlfriend, "he was going to kill all of the Framingham police officers and they would pay for what they had done to him in the past."

Prosecutors went on to say in court that Breakspear told his girlfriend, "he was not going back to prison so he was going to the police station with a gun to blow all the cops away."

A dangerousness hearing has been scheduled for July 26.

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