Suspicious Man Approached Student in Nashua, NH: Police

Police said a child was walking near a park when a stranger stopped and tried to get him to play frisbee

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An investigation is underway in Nashua, New Hampshire after police say a suspicious man approached a student after school.

Authorities said that child is safe thanks to the quick thinking of a teacher.

Nashua Police said that after school Tuesday a child was walking near Lyon's Park in the neighborhood of Crisp Elementary School when a stranger stopped and tried to get the child to play frisbee.

The man was in a car when he slowed down and approached a young student who was walking, according to police. The man then allegedly got out of the car and threw a frisbee at the child. One of the student’s teachers happened to be driving by at that exact moment. The interaction concerned her, so she stopped and asked if the child knew the man. When the child said no, she felt uncomfortable and drove the student home.

Police said it was hard to get a description of the man because he was wearing a mask and a hat. They said he was in 20s or 30s and was driving a dark grey or dark green Toyota sedan with a Massachusetts plate. Anyone with information should contact police.

The superintendent of schools sent a letter home to families crediting the “See Something, Say Something” philosophy that was implemented four years ago for the happy ending.

That program encourages people to report suspicious activity to school staff, Nashua Police at 603 594-3500 or anonymously to the Nashua Crime Line at 603 589-1665.

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