Swansea Man Who Hosted Patriots Jersey Burning Protest Won't Watch Super Bowl

The Massachusetts man who hosted a New England Patriots jersey burning protest in his yard says he won't be watching the Patriots on Super Bowl Sunday.

"This is the Super Bowl, so if I watch the Super Bowl, it is supporting the NFL, and the NFL still doesn't get it," Shane said Sunday night. "These rich millionaires just don't get the average working person."

Shane is still fired up, months after the late September 2017 jersey burning event.

Shane hosted the event following the game against the Houston Texans where some Patriots players knelt during the National Anthem. He called the actions of the 20 or so Patriots who knelt "embarrassing."

More than 75 people took part in Shane's jersey burning, even though they were warned against it by the town. Shane created signs for the event and set up his yard with lights, seats and a fire pit. 

The player kneeling protest came after President Donald Trump's polarizing comments in regards to NFL players protesting the anthem. Among the Patriots who took a knee were Devin McCourty, Trey Flowers, Brandin Cooks, Brandon Bolden, James White and Malcolm Butler. Other players stood but linked arms in a show of unity.

Shane, dressed in an American flag hoodie Friday night, says he's kept his promise, not going to a single Patriots game this season, or watching a minute of the game on TV.

"The average working person doesn't want their flag disrespected, doesn't want their veterans disrespected," he said.

Shane says he has received letters of support from all over America and that some people have even sent money.

After Shane's jersey burning, he received four citations. Since then, three of them have been dropped. He is still appealing the fourth.

"We will keep appealing it until it goes to the Supreme Court. You can't lose! It can't be okay to burn a flag and its not okay to burn a jersey. It just can't be okay," he said.

On Friday, Shane was still trying to figure out what to do with his free time come Super Bowl Sunday.

"I don't know, it is going to be a long day. It's going to be a real long day," he said. "I've been thinking all week about what I'm going to do."

"All my friends, most of them are going to be watching the Super Bowl, so it is going to be a long lonely day," he added. "It already kills me that I lost a season, and now they are in the Super Bowl!"

Shane says way back before all this started, he had circled this Super Bowl in Minneapolis as the first one he'd go to in person.

Not anymore.

Shane's stance begs the question: What happens beyond Feb. 4?

Will he be back next year?

Shane says it just depends on this team and the league.

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