Tech Companies Concerned Over Trump's Executive Orders on Immigration

Some Massachusetts companies say they are taking a wait and see approach while others say they are taking action

Several tech giants have expressed their concerns over President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration that bars nationals of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S.

Some Massachusetts companies say they are taking a wait and see approach while others say they are taking action.

Brad Young, Assistant General Council for TripAdvisor, says his company is experiencing some turbulence after the recent travel ban.

“We’ve got employees who are very concerned right now about themselves and their families,” Young said Tuesday.

The Needham-based travel website company regularly draws from a global pool of tech workers and says they are standing firmly behind them.

“We’re working with all those employees on an individual basis to make sure they know their rights,” said Young.

Chris Anderson with the Massachusetts High Technology Council is taking a wait and see approach.

“Remain calm. Analyze first whatever language emerges out of an executive order,” he explained.

Anderson says the tech companies in his trade group are more focused on what Trump could do next with H1-B Visas, that allow high skilled international workers to be in the United States.

“Any effort to do the opposite, would clearly have an impact here in Massachusetts,” said Anderson.

There is also genuine concern the administration could go too far, after a 2015 exchange between Trump and his now Chief Strategist Steve Bannon that suggested there were too many Asian CEO’s in Silicon Valley.

“When two-thirds or three quarters of the CEO’s in Silicon Valley are from South Asian or from Asia, I think a country is more than an economy, we’re a civic society,” said Bannon in a 2015 radio interview.

Young says assuring their employees is a challenge, especially during this uncertain time.

“So we’re trying to take all precautions to take care of them,” said Young.

Leaders at TripAdvisor say they will also remain focused on giving to refugee relief efforts around the world.

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