Teen Trapped as Burglar Broke Into Home

Police in Walpole, Massachusetts, converged on Woodard Road Friday evening using K9s to search for a suspect moments after a break-in.

The homeowner says his teenage daughter was home alone when she heard a strange noise and then the family dog started barking, spooking a stranger, who yelled out an expletive and took off.

The girl then ran to a neighbor's home for help.

"The young girl from across the street, came over and said somebody had walked into their home when she was home," said the neighbor, Bob Knight. "The door was unlocked, and she heard footsteps and a man's voice mumbling."

The teen stayed quiet until the suspect left.

"She heard the steps go out of the house," said Knight. "She took the dog and left the house and came over to me."

This is just the latest in a series of break-ins in Walpole this month.

"It's a little nerve-wracking," said another neighbor, Fran Cacciagrani. "Because you're home alone here and there, you don't want to have someone home at all times ... I certainly don't want any of my things taken."

A number of the crimes took place around Labor Day.

One suspect was captured on surveillance video before making off with several gold rings.

Police say there were similar break-ins in nearby Sharon around the same time.

In the Woodard Road incident, the suspect got away.

"It's very scary," said neighbor Dick Cacciagrani. "We're not sure what to make of it, hopefully police will be able to catch whatever person caused this commotion."

It's unknown if the same person is responsible for any or all of the other break-ins.

Residents are being told to call police if they see anything suspicious in their neighborhoods.

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