Teen Hit by MBTA Bus in Milton

There was no immediate word on her condition

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A teenager was hit by an MBTA bus in Milton, Massachusetts, on Friday morning as she was crossing the street with her mother.

The victim was taken to the Boston Medical Center, according to the MBTA. Her name was not released and there was no immediate word on her condition.

A nurse practitioner who was nearby when the victim was hit by the bus said she was unconscious and appeared to have a head injury.

"She was actually very calm, but in total shock," Debi McNeil said. "It's terrible. It's very sad."

Bystander Mariya Ghori and her friends saw the whole thing.

"The impact happened and then she kind of just fell back and hit the second car and was just laying there," she said.

The impact knocked the victim's sandwich and salad right out of her hands and splattered the drink she was holding all over the windshield of the bus.

Eyewitnesses said she wound up flying into a parked Range Rover.

MBTA Transit Police are investigating the accident. They said the teen appears to have crossed the street between two SUVs and was not in a crosswalk.

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