Teenage Girl Seriously Injured in Tubing Accident in Western Mass.

The girl's father and brother also suffered minor injuries

Police siren lights
wsfurlan/Getty Images

A 13-year-old girl was knocked unconscious and seriously injured when a floating tube she'd been on capsized in the Chesterfield Gorge Reservation Friday, authorities said.

State police assisted in the rescue of the girl at the reservation in Chesterfield, Massachusetts, about 30 miles northwest of Springfield, shortly after noon on Friday.

The girl had been tubing with her father and brother, both of whom suffered minor injuries, authorities said.

Numerous local police and fire departments combined to help lift the family members, as well as another stranded tuber, out of the gorge Friday, a process which state police said took nearly two and a half hours.

State police cited the severity of the girl's injury, as well as difficult terrain, as reasons for the difficult and prolonged rescue.

No update has been given on the condition of the girl, who was transported to Baystate Hospital in Springfield along with her father and brother.

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