Temperatures Cool as Rain Moves In

Rain should break out by late afternoon and spread in coverage through the night.

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Incredible day of weather yesterday. Searing heat, records shattered, storms firing. We were treated to quite a light show in parts of Southern New England too. Towering thunderstorms were loaded with water and gusty winds – some scattered damage from outermost Rt. 2 to the Merrimack Valley – even to the South Shore.

Settling down today. We’re still in the clouds, but the threat for severe storms has diminished. Now we’re just waiting on the rain. Big plume heading in later this evening and overnight. Rain should break out – starting as some random storms south of the Pike – by late afternoon and spread in coverage through the night. This is the soaking you wish you had with those fast-moving storms yesterday. When all is said and done, there may be as much as 2-3” of rain in a swath from Hartford to Boston. Rain will taper to showers on Friday, with a cool (some will say chilly) northeast wind dropping us to the mid-60s. Friday we’ll be in and out of the showers, with more clouds holding back the sun.

Varying solutions from our guidance for the first part of the holiday weekend. We’ve seen a few scattered showers around, but also plenty of dry hours. At this point, we’re pretty confident in the temps being on the cool side, but we’re not on placement and timing of the wet weather. Independence Day is another story. Slowly but surely, the guidance has come around to drying it out and warming it up (a bit). We’re seeing some afternoon sunshine poking through the clouds, with comfortable air and more clearing later into the evening for fireworks and cookouts. Beats a rainy day anytime.

Be safe, have fun and enjoy the cooler temps!

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