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Temperatures Plummeting in Boston After Snow, Ice, Rain

In Boston, the race is on to clean up before all of the slush freezes.

In Boston's Copley Square, the worry isn't just about the drivers on the slush-covered roads, it's also about the pedestrians on the ice-covered sidewalks.

The poor conditions have crews working overtime because they know they don't have much time before temperatures really drop.

The work is backbreaking, and the cold is hand-numbing.

"My hands died, yeah. I can't feel them," one man said.

In Boston, the race is on to clean up before all of the slush freezes.

It's enough to make you want to drop, literally. Students from Northeastern University were laying in the snow in Copley.

Molly Allen says this is her first time seeing snow.

"This is how you look up at the fog," Allen said.

She says she and her friends were out shopping and wanted to experience the snow.

"It's pretty firm, it's not very fluffy. So it's kind of like a firm mattress. Yeah, definitely, and a very uncomfortable one," she said.

The friends from Gloucester are here for a girls weekend after the government shutdown derailed their plans to travel out of state.

"Because of the federal shutdown, I unfortunately didn't think I could spring it, and my best friend said, 'No, we're gonna go for at least one night,'" Jacqueline McAfee said.

That one night in Boston is a snowy, icy, rainy one, but they're determined to make it memorable, even if it's spent indoors.

"We want to do some karaoke," Lydia Ames said.

There were plenty of snow day activities Sunday, but if you have to use the rails to get to work Monday morning, the MBTA says to allow 10 to 15 extra minutes. And remember, the T will be running on a weekend schedule due to the holiday.

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