Temps Slide Into The Weekend

Temperatures did the two-step today. After the front came in and knocked us back to the low 40s, we managed a comeback into the mid 40s thanks to the sun. (Yes, it can warm us...even this time of year.)

Eventually, the cold overwhelmed us after sunset and the temps started to fade away. We'll find ourselves in the teens by morning as the winds back off and the skies remain clear.

Sun is in store for the entire holiday weekend. At times it may be dimmed by a few high clouds, but we're missing a storm, moderating the temperatures, and keeping the winds in check.

Not a bad forecast for the middle of January.

Next week, we get a changeup. Cold is out, and the mild air is in. Showers will move in by midweek and we may make another run at 50 degrees. Overall the pattern is mild in the East, with arctic air completely out of the picture. Some may come back to us by the end of the month, but without cold air, it will be nearly impossible to find flakes in the forecast.

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