10 Fun Things to Do in Hyde Park While Social Distancing

The neighborhood is packed with hidden gems and family-friendly activities

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As people and families continue to practice social distancing and travel is restricted amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many are searching out neighborhoods that offer plenty of outdoor activities.

Hyde Park, located in the southernmost part of Boston, has got you covered when it comes to fun socially distant activities. 

From beautiful walks to skate parks, here are 10 things you should add to your Hyde Park bucket list:

Mill Pond Reservation

Filled with waterfront views and walking trails, Mill Pond Reservation is the go-to spot for a nice walk. Situated near Kelly Field and Stony Brook Reservation, this peaceful gem will satisfy all your outdoor needs.

For those opting for a longer walk (or those who would simply rather sit and enjoy the view), the benches scattered throughout the trails make for perfect rest stops. 

Camp Meigs Playground

Named after Camp Meigs -- an army camp -- this playground is fairly new. Built in 2019, this playground has everything a kid could want: unique play structures, places to climb and a neon green slide. 

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Camp Meigs Playground

Ross Playground

A playground and splash park all in one -- is there anything better? This playground has a plethora of options ranging from fun climbing structures to fountains to splash in when the weather gets hot. 

Once the warmer weather comes around again, this will be the ideal spot to cool off while enjoying the outdoors.

Hyde Park Skatepark

Grab your board -- we’re going skateboarding.

Located on Reservation Road, this skate park is a great option for those craving some time outdoors. After you’re done skating, you can head next door to Reservation Road Park for a post-skate picnic.

Kelly Playground

In need of a place to bring the little ones to burn off some pent-up energy? Look no further. Equipped with a baseball field (home to Boston Park League, America’s oldest amateur baseball league), softball field, soccer field and little league field, Kelly Playground has got you covered. 

As if that wasn’t enough, this local gem has a parking lot, benches, street lights and a covered picnic area. So, bring the kids, pack some toys and a picnic, and have yourselves a day. 

Colella Playground

This family-friendly hidden playground located near Mill Pond Reservation makes for a great spot to lay low. 

This playground offers a less-crowded option for kids and families to take advantage of an open space with some swings and a baseball field.

Parts of the area have waterfront views that make for nice photo-ops, so be sure to bring your camera next time you come. 

Stony Brook Reservation

This park is home to walking trails, wildlife viewing areas and multiple ponds.

Fishing at Stony Brook Reservation/ Mass. DCR

This wheelchair-accessible outdoor sanctuary is another place to bring the whole family for some outdoor activities. Whether you’re looking for a quick walk or a long hike, the endless paths here give you a plethora of options.

No matter what season it is, this is a great option for you to get your daily dose of fresh air.

William F. Smith Playground

Commonly referred to as Smith Playground, this newly-renovated spot has something for all ages. 

This up-and-coming playground has been under some serious renovations over the past few years, including the additions of an amphitheater, water spray feature, dog park wheel friendly areas and Little League fields.

Dell Avenue Rock

This ledge -- sitting about 40 feet above Hyde Park Avenue -- is a neat place to sit and enjoy the views of Stony Brook Reservation. If you go in the wintertime, you can also see the Blue Hills.

Dell Avenue Rock

Surrounded mainly by trees and some grass, this is the perfect place for a mini getaway. If you don’t like heights, don’t worry: The grassy area below the ledge makes for a quiet reading spot.

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