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8 Fun, Socially-Distant Activities in Lawrence

The city offers a variety of parks and historical sites to visit

One of the first planned cities in Massachusetts, Lawrence is a historical town with plenty of sites to visit while still practicing social-distancing.

Here are eight fun things to do in Lawrence with the family.

Den Rock Park

Den Rock Park is a 120-acre forest with walking trials and scenic views. Visitors can bird watch, hike up its granite rock face and gaze over the Shawseen River, which runs at the edge of the park.

Great Stone Dam

This 19th century historical dam is a landmark in Lawrence. Take a walking tour with Lawrence Heritage State Park staff to the mill to learn about the Merrimack River and the area's historic textile mills and boardinghouses.

Lawrence Heritage State Park

Visitors can walk along the Merrimack River at this historic site. The visitors center, where people can learn about Lawrence's long immigrant history and the stories of former mill workers who worked in the city, has been closed during the pandemic.

Lawrence Heritage State Park sign

Campagnone Common 

Campagnone Common is the main park in Lawrence located across from city hall. Equipped with a baseball field and a traditional playground set, the park is a great place to have fun and relax.

Canal Street Antique Mall

This antique mall is home to over 135 permanent dealers in the old mill buildings, which sell everything from furniture to collectibles. During the pandemic, visitors must wear a mask and practice social distancing in the space.


Visitors to Lawrence can appreciate the murals that color the walls in the city. Often painted by local artists or community members, these murals tell the story of Lawrence's diverse history.

Lawrence History Center/ Facebook
"Faces of Immigration" mural painted by students at Lawrence High School

Reservoir Park

Reservoir Park is a park in Lawrence with plenty of open spaces to relax, tennis courts to enjoy and a great view of the entire city.

Spicket River Greenway

The Greenway is a 3.5-mile-long area of walking paths that begins in Derry, New Hampshire before ending in Lawrence. The trail largely follows the path of the Spicket River before draining into the Merrimack. Take a walk at the Greenway for scenic views of the river.

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