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Fun Things to Do in Amesbury

Tour the city's parks and beaches in this historic town

Amesbury is a thriving town with plenty of parks and recreational activities to explore outside while staying safe. A historic mill town, the town is a great place to visit, even during the pandemic.

Here are 8 things to do in Amesbury:

Amesbury Riverwalk

The riverwalk is a wonderful place to explore Amesbury with a pedestrian walkway and bike path along the Powow River. It's part of a network of other trails in Amesbury, Salisbury, Newburyport and Newbury, and is a great family activity for the weekends.

Batchelder Park

Batchelder Park is one of the gems of Amesbury, with beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean from Powow Hill. Pick a trail to explore the park, starting from Lake Gardner or Battis Farm.

Lake Gardner Beach

Looking for a beach day? Check out quaint Lake Gardner Beach, where you can go swimming, canoeing or fishing. You can also take a walk on one of the trails that run alongside the lake.

Alliance Park

Alliance Park is a small park near the Merrimack River, with a view of Maudslay State Park. Relax along the river in this historical park, where the USS Alliance, a ship used in the Revolutionary War, was first built in 1778.

AMESBURY, MA - APRIL 15: A boat is seen on the Merrimack River in Amesbury, Mass. on April 15, 2014.(Photo by Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Deer Island

Deer Island is located within the Merrimack River and is Amesbury's largest island. Established in 1984, the island is accessible by car. The east side of the island is conservation land, with trails, a beach and scenic spots to fish and relax on.

Bartlett Museum

The Bartlett Museum displays artifacts from Amesbury history from prehistoic to modern times. View replicas of a colonial kitchen and a Victorian parlor, as well as rotating main exhibits.

Woodsom Park

Woodsom Park gives visitors the chance to explore rolling meadows and wetlands. Take a walk, hike, or simply explore the grounds.

AMESBURY, MA - MAY 31: At Woodsom Farm, Ruthie True walks Lillian at the scenic farm. (Photo by Mark Wilson/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)
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