‘Terrible Tragedy': New Details in Worcester Brick-Throwing Spree That Wounded Driver

“He was pretty scared,” said a neighbor who helped a man hit in the face with a flying brick

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Two days after a group of teenagers allegedly went on a brick-throwing spree in Worcester, leaving one man seriously injured, a neighbor described the victim's agony.

The 37-year-old was with his fiancée in one of 19 vehicles hit by bricks on Saturday, according to police. The man was hit in the face behind the wheel of his own vehicle and was rushed to the hospital.

“He was praying in the front seat for the ambulance to come faster. I don’t blame him, if it was me in the car like that, waiting to take your last breath. He was pretty scared,” said the neighbor, who helped the couple after the incident but did not want to be identified.

Police have called the injuries "very serious" and "permanent." They came after what the neighbor gathered was a very normal day.

“They had just got done grocery shopping, apparently, and they were going home and the next thing you know, the brick went through the window,” he said. 

The teenagers were in court Monday on charges related to throwing bricks at other vehicles while they drove around the city in a stolen SUV.

At least 19 vehicles reported injuries from a red SUV, where four teenagers were throwing bricks, police say.

”I think anyone with any common sense would realize that throwing a brick at a moving vehicle like that -- when you hit somebody’s head, which could result in a terrible tragedy. Which it did,” Worcester police Sgt. Sean Murtha said.

Police issued an alert after the initial attack. A short time later, officers spotted the stolen SUV. They gave chase and eventually arrested four teenagers, two male and two female, all either 15 or 16 years old.

They were arraigned on serious charges in juvenile court, where proceedings are closed to the public. Their names haven't been given.

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