‘Terrible Tragedy': No Charges Filed In Dog Mauling Death of Teen

The Bristol County District Attorney's Office said Friday that no charges would be filed in the death of a Rehoboth, Mass. boy who was mauled to death by five dogs last month.  

A report by the district attorney's office concluded that no foul play had been committed in the death of Ryan Hazel, 14, in Dighton; and that there was no basis for criminal charges.

"This was sadly a terrible tragedy," the report said.  

The five dogs -- one Dutch Shepherd and four Belgian Malinois -- have been euthanized.

Hazel was found dead at a property at 2477 Maple Swamp Rd. in Dighton by police responding to a 911 call for a pack of dogs attacking a human on the evening of May 9.

Eleven dogs in total were taken into custody after the attack. The Dighton Board of Selectmen voted that five of the animals should be put down.

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