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Texans in Boston During Hurricane Harvey: ‘Glad We’re Here’

As Hurricane Harvey slams into Texas, people from Houston are landing at Logan International Airport in Boston

"Glad we're here. We were supposed to come to the Cape on Saturday," Doug Liftman of Houston said. "We came early."

For the Houston area, Liftman says it's not the wind that's the problem, but the rain.

"The rain amounts could be over two feet, so pretty substantial," he said.

Another man and his family, also in Boston for a baptism, say they're glad to be out.

"We're watching the cameras back home, the water levels are about 15 feet from where they would normally be already, so my hope is that they're letting some water off the reservoir for more rain," he said.

NBC Boston spoke with one of several Red Cross volunteers in Texas to help with the storm.

Andrew Enos of Brockton is just 19 and is at a shelter in Victoria, Texas, about an hour an a half north of where the storm is expected to hit in Corpus Christi.

Thousands of residents are now in shelters.

"Giving them shelter for the next couple of days, helping them get back on their feet and after the storm is over, we are going to go out and see what the damage is," said Enos.

In addition, the Massachusetts FEMA search and rescue team is geared up and ready to go if they get the call.

Two workers have already made their way to Texas.

The Red Cross workers say they'll be deployed for about two weeks, but are ready to stay longer if need be.

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